"Brothers Wyatt (Ransone) and Samuel (Peck) are caught between a rock and a hard place. The bank is going to foreclose on their house and the land it sits on, and there is only one alternative they are given. Go up into the unforgiving mountains, and bring back a man who is not only a wanted criminal but also their long estranged father. Without much choice they, and a bank appointed bounty hunter (Mark Caven), head up into the harsh elements to save their land, their mother, and Samuel’s wife (Elisa Lasowski) and new born son. Almost immediately the frozen conditions wreak havoc on their mission. With their coach and horses lost, they press onward only to find that their father isn’t the only mad man in the mountains.

This movie is right up my alley. Great story, excellent acting, beautiful cinematography, and a wonderful score. There was not a thing I disliked. Just what the cast and crew went through to film this makes my jaw drop (average temperatures were below zero), and they should all be applauded because what their sacrifice yielded was an excellent film. This is not some big budget (The movie was made for around $2,000,000 which is very modest) special effects bonanza. There are few of the trappings of a typical Hollywood hit, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. The story, acting, and setting are what make this movie work. Ransone is much better than I expected in the lead role. He portrays Wyatt with a quiet strength that brings to mind the heroes of Westerns long ago. Really the entire cast do a great job. I was delighted to see two of my all time favorites Julian Glover and Maria Doyle Kennedy (Both for some reason left off of the IMDB cast list) in minor but strong roles.

This movie is not for the action junkie or the Comic book movie fan boy. It is for lovers of true cinema. If you are one, like me, you should not miss The Timber”.


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